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This course will explain 'life' development from the perspective of astrology. It is not about learning astrology in the normal sense. It is a way of helping people in the area of their own personal growth, using astrology as the map, along with other skills that are useful to develop a more successful life.

Advanced Esoteric Astrology

The Soul Component Esoteric Astrology is astrology that focuses on the development of the Soul component in the human being. This can be seen as developing 'Soul Purpose', or becoming 'Soul Infused'. By this I mean allowing another, deeper energy to pervade our human awareness. The 'Soul Infused' human sees life from a perspective of soul orientation and is working from soul, instead of still being under the influence of the current collective unconscious.

Many people are already doing this, but are not aware of it as Soul Influence! The Soul's Work Anyway, for our purposes, the Sun represents the Personality that Soul needs to be developed, so the Soul's work can be done. Hence, divine Astrology for the Initiates; superstitious astrolatry for the profane. The program Astrolog supports Esoteric Astrology in addition to classic mundane astrology.

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The following is a description of the Esoteric Astrology features in Astrolog:. Esoteric Astrology primarily uses the tropical zodiac, however it also includes a sidereal ayanamsa with a relation to Esoteric Astrology that some sidereal astrologers use. The following video demonstrates some Esoteric Astrology features of Astrolog. It animates planetary orbits in 3D, including Vulcan. Positions are astronomically accurate, although on a logarithmic scale from the Sun so the planets can be evenly distributed from it.

Planets are colored according to their Ray, e. Esoteric Astrology features alternate rulership sets for more spiritual considerations of planets. Beyond the mundane set of rulerships, there are esoteric rulers which operate on a soul or spiritual level, and Hierarchical rulers which operate on a planetary or solar level. For example, the mundane exoteric ruler of Aries is Mars, representing forceful and aggressive action. However, the esoteric ruler of Aries is Mercury, to represent the mental cause and design of that initiating energy. Finally, the Hierarchical ruler of Aries is Uranus, to represent the growth and overall purpose of the influx of initiating energy in the first place.

Astrolog can list signs, list planets, and list Rays, showing how each component relates to the other two. What follows are three different tables, which display the same information, except that each is indexed by sign, planet, or Ray. Below is a list of the 12 zodiac signs. Each sign is associated with 1 to 3 Rays. Each sign's exoteric, esoteric, and Hierarchical ruler s are listed. Exoterically, some signs are ruled by two planets: A classic planet visible to the naked eye, and an outer planet that was more recently discovered and which only plays a role when the personality is seeking personal growth.

Esoteric Astrology

Esoterically and Hierarchically, sometimes the Sun or Moon acts as a veil for deeper energies. Below is a list of the 12 main planets and related bodies. Each planet rules one or more signs exoterically, esoterically, and Hierarchically. Each planet is associated with one particular Ray. Below is a list of the seven Rays.

Each Ray has a name, and represents a particular type of will. Each Ray is associated with three different signs, and one or two planets. Each Ray is associated with one sacred planet: When a Ray is associated with two planets, the first planet listed is the non-sacred planet, and the second is the sacred planet. It should be noted here, however, that all the energies—zodiacal, systemic, and planetary—have a definite effect [23] upon all the lives in all forms in all kingdoms of nature. Nothing can escape these radiatory and magnetic influences.

The goal of evolution for humanity is to become consciously and livingly aware of the nature of these energies and begin to know them and to use them. This is the field of occultism as the Hierarchy has always told men. It might be stated that the disciple has to become consciously aware of the planetary influences and begin to use them for the carrying out of soul purpose.

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  • The initiate has to be aware of the zodiacal influences which emanate from outside of the solar system altogether. These can be recognised as. A vibration, registered in one or other of the seven centres. A revelation of a particular type of light, conveying a specific colour to the initiate. The whole story of the zodiac can be picturesquely yet accurately summed up in the following statement: There are three books which the three types of human beings study and from which they learn:.

    The Book of Life—Initiates—the 12 constellations.

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    The Book of Wisdom—Disciples—the 12 planets. The zodiacal signs affect primarily the man who lives below the diaphragm. This is the ordinary average man. These signs thus condition four of the centres:. The base of the spine. The inner group of solar systems, working in conjunction with the zodiacal signs, affect primarily those who live above the diaphragm. They, therefore, condition:. Three of the energies work through the head centre but only after the third initiation. There are one or two other points which might be noted here also. I note them for your enlightenment.

    Out of all the many energies which impinge upon, pass through and produce effects upon our planet, esoteric astrology emphasises the following four types of force because they affect what might be called the personality of our Earth:. The quality of our solar system. God is a consuming fire but God is also love. This is the teaching of both esoteric and exoteric truth.

    The quality of the Logos of our planet as it pours through the chains, the rounds, the races, and the kingdoms of nature. The quality of the Earth's complementary planet, which is the Earth's polar opposite, esoterically considered. This planet is Venus.

    Esoteric Astrology – The Journey of the Soul

    The quality of the attraction of the three planets which produce an esoteric triangle of force. I have several times used the phrase "pass through" the centres and forms. This concept necessitates the idea of distributing centres to which the incoming energies may go and from which they may pass out again as radiation. Some idea of this might be grasped if I gave you the new proposition new to you though old to esotericists of the centres in the human etheric body.

    The four centres above the diaphragm—the heart, throat, ajna and head centres—are basically and primarily receiving centres. The centres below the diaphragm—the base of the spine, the sacral, solar plexus and spleen centres—are galvanised into activity by the four higher receiving centres. This, when accomplished, demonstrates as personality and physical magnetism and influence until the time comes when there is a reversal in the way of passing—as a soul—around the zodiac.

    This is symbolised as the revolution of the sun around the zodiac from Aries to Pisces instead of the reverse movement, from Aries to Taurus. This is repeated in the human frame and the four lower centres eventually return that which has come to them. They thus reverse the process normally followed and the centres above the diaphragm become radio-active, dynamic and magnetic.

    Evolutionary and esoteric astrology | Marianne Cranston

    This is an intricate occult study and is concerned with the response of the etheric body to the incoming energies. It relates finally the lowest centre at the base of the spine to the highest centre, the head centre. This is a correspondence to the relation of the Earth to the Sun. Think this out. As we work and study over these matters, let us bear in mind always the fact that we are considering the seven rays and their inter-relations in the cosmic process.

    We are concerned esoterically with:. The seven rays and the twelve signs of the zodiac. The seven rays and the twelve Creative Hierarchies. The seven rays and the planets as they govern the twelve houses of expression. As we ponder and think and as we correlate the various aspects of the teaching, we shall find three propositions emerging which govern the inflow of life to the planet and to the individual man. These have been laid down earlier in A Treatise on the Seven Rays but it might profit us to state them here:. Proposition One—Every ray life is an expression of a solar life and every planet is therefore:.

    Animated by energy pouring into it from the seven solar systems, of which ours is one.

    Coming from solar systems other than our own. Proposition Two—Each one of the ray lives is the recipient and the custodian of energies coming from. Proposition Three—It is the quality of a ray life—manifesting in time and space—which determines the phenomenal appearance. Before we penetrate further into the consideration of our theme, I would like to emphasise two points:. First of all, that we are considering esoteric influences and not astrology, per se.

    Our subject is the seven rays and [27] their relationship to the zodiacal constellations or—in other words—the interaction of the seven great Lives which inform our solar system with the twelve constellations which compose our zodiac. Secondly, that we have necessarily to study these energies and their interplay from the angle of their effect upon the planet, and incidentally, their effect upon the forms in the various kingdoms of nature and particularly in connection with the fourth kingdom, the human, and with individual man—average man, the disciple and the initiate.