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Moon: Cancer
  1. Constellation Cancer
  2. Cancer is the caretaker of the Zodiac.
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Constellation Cancer

Not satisfied until the last piece was found, she continued her search for years, eventually finding the last piece and simultaneously conceiving a child — Horus. Horus became the new king and the now redeemed Osiris became king of the underworld and Lord of the Dead. Her task was done and she reigned in peace. In the later Greco-Roman myth, Moon goddess Diana was the twin sister to Apollo the sun god and both carried a quiver of bright arrows.

Like Venus her beauty caused all the gods to seek her hand and she also refused them. Unlike Venus she chose chastity instead, successfully convincing her father, Jupiter to allow this.

Cancer is the caretaker of the Zodiac.

As a virgin goddess, she nonetheless fell in love with two mortals — the first she carried off to a cave and kept in an eternal sleep, so she could gaze upon his beauty. The second, Orion, she accidentally killed with an arrow, then made him a constellation in the heavens. The Moon goddess expresses both the destructive and constructive face of emotions.

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Moon goddesses are always on the move just as the Moon is the wanderer of the heavens. Moon represents the receptive flow of life, the mediator of the human heart. Her special message for Cancer is to honour your own truth and trust your organic wisdom. Metal: Silver, ruled by the Moon. Colours: White, silver and silvery hues. Herbs for Health: Agrimony infused as a tonic and used externally as an astringent.

Cancer Traits: Everything You Must Know About This Zodiac Sign

Lemon-scented balm in soups, also lemongrass and chamomile as teas to calm the stomach. Foods for Health: Fish, shellfish, fresh fruit and salads, particularly lettuce, chives and parsley. She is my go to for astrology! I so look forward to her free monthly general sharings, but her personal tips are well worth the reasonable amount she asks for exchange to me a member.

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Moon in Cancer

You make it all make sense in this often chaotic world. Love you. Crystal B is no ordinary Astrologer. Her gifts go way beyond simply mapping the star chart of your destiny. She sees right into your sparkly soul and with a touch of magic knows exactly what you need to navigate those heavenly curve balls. A consultation is like meeting up with your best friend who just had a sit down with the universe and has the inside scoop. As a fellow intuitive and Pisces I trust her wisdom and guidance. Her devotion to my success will always guide me back to her as my trusted seer.

What a wonderful session I had with Crystal! I loved every minute of it. I really was impressed with how she wove all the aspects of my chart — past, present and future, together so beautifully.

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Being a Virgo I especially enjoyed her practical, down-to-earth, easy to understand approach. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and look forward to our next session!

Connect with me on all my Social Media. These are the best places to follow what I'm up to and all the planetary happenings affecting your life. Cancer October Horoscope Swimming Through New Home Dynamics This month you can expect some relationship dynamics, particularly those involving family members, to be come front and center. Cancer is the caretaker of the Zodiac. Read it. Discover Cancer Floral Connections. Explore Cancer Star Constellation. Born on the Cusp of these Dates? This is a Must Read.

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